Car Free Vancouver Day

Jackie and I went to the Car Free Day on Commercial Drive.  From Venables to East 1st Ave., people filled Commercial Drive.  It is like a carnival in Vancouver.  Restaurants extended their eating area onto the street or to have food stands.  Stores have a “drive-walk” sale (think of mall’s side walk sale).  There are also a few different music groups performing in the middle of the drive.  Huge group of people surrounded the musicians and people just dance right around them.  I personally do not enjoy crowded space, so I am not particularly enjoy it too much.  Yet, the atmosphere is filled with a sense of celebration of Commercial Drive for everyone.  I really feel the sense of community that I can’t find anywhere else.  For this, I will withstand the crowds for 1 hour today and will try to attend next year.  If I have more time next year, I will definitely wanted to go to the North Shore Car Free Day.


Vegan Feast

First of all, Happy Birthday Mr.W!

Being a meat eater, it is always mind bottling for Jackie and I… “do you just eat salad every day every meal if you are vegetarian?”  The more we have been at K and B’s home, the more we realize there are so much yummy food for being a vegetarian, let alone a vegan.  Thanks for K and B’s invitation to this vegan feast, Jackie and I ate a lot of delicious veggie.  And the meal is definitely filling even though there was no meat at all.  Some of the highlights include: mac and cheese, red pepper dip and gluten with gravy.  The red pepper dip (the bowl of salmon red dipping sauce in the top picture) is so smooth and velvety by the vegetarian cream cheese that you will never thought it really wasn’t made by cow’s milk cream cheese.  I want to learn how to make it!!  And then there is the gluten dish that really made you think you were eating meat.

Yet, my most favorite is the baked veggie dish that I haven’t took a picture of.  It has red peppers, onions, tofu and tomato all baked together with herbs and garlic.  All these ingredients mixed well together and all the veggie taste so sweet by their natural sugar.  This is the first dish that I will eat up all the red peppers without complaining.  I will have to eventually learn how to make this in order to consume more veggie per day.

The main point here is: A vegetarian/vegan meal can be equally as delicious as any other meal with meat and fish!  Don’t be afraid and embrace this diet as any other type of cuisine!


p.s. It was a pleasure to be there and to help out! Really 🙂 Thanks for inviting us!

Uprising Breads

Uprising Breads has really delicious baked goods.  Usually I went for their breakfast food, but I went for lunch this time.  I will add more posts of Upraising Breads when I try more of their yummy baked goods.

1) Cranberry & Lemon Bar:  It has a lemon scented cake layer with cranberries embedded.  The lemon taste is strong.  So it is not recommended for people who don’t like lemon.  The cranberries are sweet that balanced well with the strong lemon taste.  The bottom biscuit layer is crunchy.  And this little yummy square cost less than $3.

2) Italian Pizza: covered with pesto and dried tomato.  The crust is a bit thicker to my taste.  It is a whole grain crust, so it makes the crust even more chewy.  Yet, I do appreciate that it is whole grain after all.  I enjoy the pesto are only different spots on the pizza and not all covered in the pizza.  Then the pesto can be tasted when you bite into the pesto spots.  yum!  And this pizza slice also cost less than $3!

Uprising Breads never ease to amaze me with their bake goods.  It is one of the most-go on Eastside!

Another New Location for Bakudanyaki

Bakudanyaki and friends moved again after my post on May 3.  It is now at 8740 Charles Street, Richmond, right by the bus loop of Bridgeport Canada Line Station.  It is back to an outdoor location convienently located next to the bus loop and skytrain station.  I hope business will increase because of this great location.  Support Bakudanyaki and Friends!!  Another change is it’s hours — 7 days a week @ 3pm to 10pm.

For Bakudanyaki’s food review, please take a look at: Fumisen of Bakudanyaki and Friends & more to come in the future.


Hell’s Kitchen – Brunch

Walking around in Kitsilano and found Hell’s Kitchen that serves brunch until 2:30pm.  It got my attention because it serves a variety of eggs bennys for $10.  Yes, I have grow a really soft spot for eggs benny in the last month.  Atmosphere is of a pub.  There are some really cool “couples” table where both of you can sit next to each other to watch sports tv!  Yet, I will rather be a “hockey game widow” than to go to a pub with Jackie to watch a hockey game.  Let’s talk about the food:

1) BC Eggs Bennys:  Spinach, smoke salmon and capers.  The smoke salmon taste stronger than anything else.  I can barely enjoy the runny eggs and the spinach.  I like it for it is eggs bennys, but I don’t like it because I can’t taste the egg!  The hash brown is good.  Lightly seasoned to taste.

2) T-Rex Pizza: covered with bacon and chicken.  I like how it is presented on a ceramic tile.  I like how it is not completely loaded with cheese that just covers all your taste buds. I love the thin crust that the edges are crunchy like chips.  Yet, it is rather salty.  I can feel the texture of the bacon and the chicken, but I can’t taste them.  Made me feel a bit confuse.

Overall, it certainly is better than going to McD’s for cheap fat breakfast because they have EGGS BENNYS!!!  Joking~  It isn’t a bad place, but there seems to be many more breakfast choices in Kitsilano to choose from.



Since my Birthday, I was urging to try Kingyo because my girlfriends and I couldn’t get an rsvp there.  And finally I went!  I really enjoy the decor with the goldfish theme everywhere.

Everything are in the theme of goldfish: menus, chopstick cover with an eaten goldfish, and a carrot cut out of a goldfish to decorate the food.

It is truly impressive to see how much thoughts went into repeating the goldfish theme everywhere you put your eyes to.

Let’s go on to talk about the food:

1) My “Ebi-Mayo”:  Like Guu and Ebisu, Kingyo has a really tasty and spicy ebi mayo dish.  Very fresh prawns.  As you bite into them, both the tempura and the prawns are crispy.  I also enjoy how the mayo isn’t completely mixed in with the spicy oil and there is left over mayo for me to eat the decorating salad too.

2) Bang Bang Chicken: The jelly fish is not the best/fresh type, but so-so without the fishy smell.  The peanut sauce is okay.  Jackie and I will prefer to eat Bang Bang Chicken in a Chinese restaurant because it taste rather so-so to us.  The biggest challenge for us is — how to pick up the cucumber, chicken and jelly fish with the chop stick and eat it all in one bite.  I am rather challenged with my “chop stick kung fu”, so there may be a way that I just don’t know how to achieve.

3) World Famous ?!? Chicken Wings Series 2: I love the presentation of stacking up the chicken wings.  Yet, the drawback is, the bottom layer has the most sauce and the top layer has to least.  As a result, we tasted different taste at each layer — which I don’t like with the lack of consistency in taste.  The sauce itself is tasty – peppery spicy with a little bit of sweet and salty.  Very unique taste that I can’t really describe.

4) 5 types of sashimi with: Ahi Tuna (a very meat like texture which is unlike the usual mushy tuna — yum!); scallop (very sweet, that you forgot it is scallop); Yellowtail (fresh, but ain’t my fav.); sockeye salmon (awesome freshness to showcase the goodness of sockeye); spot prawns (maybe not a good pick?  Isn’t as creamy and sweet as we have tried in other places).  Very lovely presentation, but the bamboo display in the middle cause a lot of problem of picking up the sashimi on the plate.  The bamboo is also a barrier to talk to the person across from the plate.

5) Cold Udon: A great balance in between soya sauce and beef.  The soup is clear, but rather slimy.  Slimy is good so that the udon catch onto the soup, but not all people like slimy texture.  It is very refreshing for a cold udon.  The drawback was the oil from the beef.  The soup is cold and the oil of the beef solidify while you eat.  You ended up with white spots inside your clear soup.  Not very appetizing…  Yet, innovative and worth a try!

Overall, Kingyo truly is a creative restaurant with it’s food and decor.  They also have great quality ingredient for raw or cooked.  It is a delight to eat there.  Service is good, but food came too fast.  Fast enough that felt a little bit of pushy.  It was non-stop eating from start to finish.  Didn’t get time in between each plate to chit-chat and to enjoy the environment.  Fast can be good and can be bad depending on occasion.  For my occasion, it isn’t romantic due to the rush of food.  Anyhow, it does worth a try.  After all, Kingyo just received the Best Japanese Causal Restaurant 2010 from Vancouver Magazine.


Vancouver Magazine’s 2010 Restaurant Awards

After reading from Foodist’s post of the Vancouver Magazine’s 2010 Restaurant Awards, I realize I need to save much more money to continue my food adventures in Vancouver.  There is just so many more interesting restaurants to go to.  Do read Foodist’s post for they have pictures of the award ceremony with the surprise from Kingyo!

After reading Foodist, I dash over to read the awards list from Vancouver Magazine.  The first result I want to see is Best Japanese Formal.  It is not to my surprise that Tojo’s is 1, but I am very delighted to see Octopus Garden on the list!  Gooooo SADA-SAN!  So I also have to go to Miku such that I have been to the top 3 Japanese Formal in 2010.  The only disappointment is… no awards for vegetarian cuisine?  I hope to see that some day and it will be great if it have a sub-section of vegan too.  Veggie ain’t bad!